Bonded CFRP to high strength steels

  • Mohsen Amraei Monash University
  • Lingjia Zong Monash University
  • Antti Ahola LUT-yliopisto
  • Timo Björk LUT-yliopisto


Research on the bond performance of CFRP-strengthened steel have been done for the past years, but it has mainly focused on lower grades of steel. The performance of the bond between ultra-high modulus (UHM) CFRP and high/ultra-high strength steel (HSS/UHSS) is investigated in this paper. A series of experiments have been conducted, with single/double side-strengthened (SSS/DSS) HSS/UHSS with CFRP laminates using Araldite adhesive. It was found that strengthening up to the ultimate strength of the DSS specimens is feasible. However, debonding happens at the ultimate strength of SSS specimens.

XIII Suomen mekaniikkapäivien 2018 erikoisnumero
joulu 31, 2019
Amraei, M., Zong, L., Ahola, A., & Björk, T. (2019). Bonded CFRP to high strength steels. Rakenteiden Mekaniikka, 52(4), 222-235.