Introduction to JuliaFEM, an open source FEM solver

  • Jukka Aho
  • Antti-Jussi Vuotikka Global Boiler Works
  • Tero Frondelius Oulun yliopisto


This article briefly describes a new programming language Julia and a new innovative Finite Element Method (FEM) solver JuliaFEM. We selected an easy to understand example of a linear elasticity problem as a method for this introduction. We go through the example step by step and provide a detailed explanation of the different phases of the solution steps. The main result presented here demonstrates the scripting possibilities of JuliaFEM, both pre- and post-processing.

XIII Suomen mekaniikkapäivien 2018 erikoisnumero
syys 12, 2019
Aho, J., Vuotikka, A.-J., & Frondelius, T. (2019). Introduction to JuliaFEM, an open source FEM solver. Rakenteiden Mekaniikka, 52(3), 148-159.