History of structural analysis & dynamics of Wärtsilä medium speed engines

  • Tero Frondelius Wärtsilä, University of Oulu
  • Hannu Tienhaara Wärtsilä
  • Mauri Haataja University of Oulu


This paper opens up the history of structural analysis and dynamics simulations of Wärtsilä engines. It cites already published articles and theses with some backgrounds information. It also discusses some of the backgrounds of the in-house tool development. Additionally, this paper presents the development of the computers and investment of the simulation capacity in order to understand how it has been the enabler of ever more complicated models. It lists the work done during fifty decades. The authors sincerely attempt to make this article as reader-friendly as possible, even though there are over 220 references, which of course demonstrates how dedicated Wärtsilä has been in supporting numerical simulations research in the past five

joulu 8, 2018
Frondelius, T., Tienhaara, H., & Haataja, M. (2018). History of structural analysis & dynamics of Wärtsilä medium speed engines. Rakenteiden Mekaniikka, 51(2), 1-31. https://doi.org/10.23998/rm.69735