Counterweight Measurements Device Development


  • Pasi Halla-aho
  • Antti Mäntylä
  • Tero Frondelius Wärtsilä
  • Tommi Helander
  • Juha Hautala


Wärtsilä, Nome Oy, Accelerometer, vibration measurements


This article describes the use of a remotely controlled and smart measurement device that is applied in very harsh environments to measure vibrations inside a medium speed internal combustion engine. The developed device is exposed to oil, high temperature and vibration and is able to measure, compute and send the results simultaneously, for example, to a website monitoring tool. The key feature of this device is that the analysis of the results is done inside the device by utilizing signal processing algorithms. The method is very efficient as it enables very long measurement times due to a low power consumption. The smart data analysis makes it easy and fast to utilize the data for product development and trouble shooting.





Halla-aho, P., Mäntylä, A., Frondelius, T., Helander, T., & Hautala, J. (2017). Counterweight Measurements Device Development. Rakenteiden Mekaniikka, 50(3), 318–322.